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RS3 vs M3 GTR at the 'ring

Discussion in 'RS3 Forum (8P & 8V Chassis)' started by poverty, Oct 13, 2012.

  1. poverty

    poverty Active Member

    Mar 22, 2010
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    #1 poverty, Oct 13, 2012
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  3. MBK

    MBK Well-Known Member

    May 3, 2012
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    Excellent watch, thats how an RS3 should be driven. I think he knows the 'ring quite well some of that stuff over the curbs (7.30ish) later in the lap was brave, and I.m guessing he enjoyed the 'win' by the reaction at the end!

    I can never understand why the reviewers say the car lacks engagement because it has the S-tronic box, just allows greater focus on the track and going quicker in my view. Looking forward to next week at Oulton Park in the new RS4 even more after watching that.

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