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RS3 Grill interest/ questions

jonnyfeng Dec 27, 2012

  1. jonnyfeng

    jonnyfeng Member

    Is that something a can easily try? Can I just get a gloss black surround and change it over easily? Might be worth a try and if I don't like the look then just go all black
  2. rOb_A

    rOb_A Active Member

    you'll need to drop the bumper (there is a good thread by A3Kent on here) and then just swap the surround over. where are you based? also think A3 Kent may be able to sort surround for you. If I was buying a RS3 i'd ask the dealer to swap the surround over. remember you paying around the £40k mark for your car.
  3. jonnyfeng

    jonnyfeng Member

    yeah if you knew the deal i got on the car it should be the dealer asking me to do stuff for them! haha

    tbh mate with it being a bumper off job to do that itd be the same to just whack in a new full grille.. im getting good interest on the silver one as it is so im more than likely to just ask them to fit the black grille for me. As much as id like to see how your idea would look on the car im gonna go with my first choice

    thanks anyway mate
  4. wxc

    wxc Member



    By changing the front grill from an s-line model to an rs3 front grill count as an insurance modification?

    Must this be declared and if this is the ONLY modification, I wonder how much this will be?

    Any ideas would be very much appreciated!


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