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RS3 A535 Jodrell Bank, Cheshire

RYes3 Sep 2, 2012

  1. RYes3

    RYes3 Active Member Team Nardo Audi RS3

    Let me just start by saying that I nearly gave my passenger a heart attack today after seeing this beautiful car in Daytona Grey!

    Basically we were off for a game of golf and my mate really likes my car, I'd been giving it some stick down the lanes as he loves the pop of the DSG when changing up under boost :)

    We got onto a straight bit of the A535 and we were discussing what I would be having next even though I have only had the S3 for 4 months :) Obviously the answer was the RS3 :)

    Now I have yet to see an RS3 on the road at this point so what would be the chances of one driving past in the other direction???

    I literally screamed "no ******* way!!!!!!" lol :)

    Awesome looking car and one of the only times I have felt threatened in my poxy S3 haha :)
  2. Av4nt

    Av4nt Well-Known Member Team V10 Team Sprint Audi S6 quattro saloon s tronic

    I love those moments!! I was driving casually on a dual carriageway in heavy traffic in the slow lane, and a shiny black RS6 flew past and rocked the car with its passing stream of f*** you air! I was like... WOW and hid behind my lame A4 steering wheel

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