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robonmac Mar 5, 2008

  1. robonmac

    robonmac Member

    This post is intended for the bog standard coupe's but no one has responded in the other forum so i'll ask the pro's!.........If it isn't ellipsoids,white dials,VDO guages or five stud conversions then the serious cosmetic add-on has to be Porsche cup mirrors.Well i think so anyway,so when i managed to pick up a set of Porsche 993 mirrors up for £150 all in then i thought i what a deal!
    It doesn't appear to be all lost yet but the bases of the RS2 efforts are completely different to those on the 'ol porker,this much i pretty well knew already but does anyone know where i can get hold of a pair from?
    It may be possible to convert the Porsche plates to fit the coupe's door but the angles appear to be slightly different.The existing mirror plates have no chance of fitting to the cup one's so the (audi)factory bases seem to be my only option.
    I've come across a few German sites where they are all the rage and how to fit them but no further details on parts.
    Vagparts only buy theirs(complete mirror kits) from Audi themselves so have no idea on whats involved,and i'm too scared of asking the Stealers for a price.
    Any ideas????
    If i get them on to the 2.6 then i'll post some pics on how to do it the wrong way,well when i've painted them Ragusa Green.http://i261.photobucket.com/albums/ii70/robonmac/DSCF0032.jpghttp://i261.photobucket.com/albums/ii70/robonmac/DSCF0031.jpg
  2. 951

    951 Member

    Might be worth looking at porsche 968 bases as these are at a different angle to the 911/993's. Not sure how much they are now but i paid about £35 for one about 7 years ago !!
  3. robonmac

    robonmac Member

    Maybe all is lost.Went to Smith Knight Fay dealership who have categorically said that they can only be purchased as a complete mirror.Times that by two and add all the gaskets and bolts and it comes to a very reasonable £500.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    The only thing that i find strange is the fact that you can buy all the mirror bases from porsche for all the different models that utilise the CUP design.So why do audi not supply the base on its own,afterall the mirror housing is the same,it's just the base which is different?

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