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Round 2 Modding Updates - NAV/HID + More

GStatus Aug 22, 2012

  1. GStatus

    GStatus Member

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    Mods to Date:

    • 8P2 Sports Facelift
    • 8P2 S-Line Spoiler
    • 8P2 S-Line Rear Diffuser
    • MY2011 Rear LED Lights
    • LED Interior Lights (Supplied by T8Ups & Fitted by Ash187)
    • Double Din Conversion (Fitted by Ash187)
    • RNS-E MK2 LED H & 2012 Maps (Fitted by Ash187)
    • Aftermarket DRL Projector Headlights
    • WellDone HID Xenon 6000K Kit (The ONLY HID Kit that works with A3 8P'S, hundreds sold across Europe and US since 2008 and not a single blown wiper motor on any car, 3 year guarantee on bulbs - testimonial here and explanation here)
    • Ashtray Delete

    RNS-E MK2 & Ashtray Delete


    Rear Diffuser - Cleaned Exhausts


    Aftermarket DRL & Xenon Kit - Day


    Aftermarket DRL & Xenon Kit - Night


    Whole Car - Lights off


    My Planned Mods for the future:

    • 8P2 S-Line Front
    • 18" Alloys (Would i have to lower it - if so how much is lowering?)
    • Black the Grille (Paint or Wrap?)
    • S3 Chrome Pedals
    • TT MK2 Vents
    • Tinted Windows?
    • This Steering Wheel - Only decent single stage steering wheel
    Last edited: Aug 22, 2012
  2. audicruiser

    audicruiser Audi Heaven

    Nav looks spot on... Not a fan of the lights though.

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