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Rough when cold...

EnzoS4 Sep 22, 2006

  1. EnzoS4

    EnzoS4 Member

    When the car is cold it sounds OK but below 3000rpm its abit rough, above 3000rpm its alot smoother, it's like the car is holding back. the car is fully serviced every 6-8mths and standard. Have had the AirFlow meter replaced about 18 months ago as it sounded like a tank then which fixed that problem...

    taken it to Audi and they can't find any issues, VAGCOM is also not showing any fauly codes.

    Audi did reset the car to defaults (what ever that meant) and all seems well, a few weeks later its started again, so some sort of system problem.
    - is Microsoft involved with these cars (sorry very poor)

    Any suggestion on who knows these cars well and who isn't going to start replacing sensor by sensor until fixed as Iam sure this will cost alot...

    Maybe time for a poll...?

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