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Rough sounding start

RobMorris Apr 3, 2013

  1. RobMorris

    RobMorris Member


    Ever since my purchase I have been concious of the sound of my car on cold start up.

    Whilst on choke it revs to about 1200 for some 30 seconds then drops to around 800 revs where is sounds quite normal for a diesel engine. Whilst at the 1200 revs it just sounds awful.. As if the engine is FUBAR'd? But like I say once down at 800 revs its fine and still pulls like a train in all gears..

    This is also a constant singular ticking noise which increases in speed with the revs.. Sounds like a sticky tappet? (Old Fords! and possibly all?) Any clues?

    Its had a full service incl glow plugs.
    2 oil changes in 1000 miles using 5W40 Fully Syn.
    Also had a coolant temp sensor.
    Im also using Diesel Rhino
    Done 200k

  2. RobMorris

    RobMorris Member

    Could a change in Oil type be the reason?
    It had dirty old thick dino juice and sounded sweet when I got it?
    Fresh clean think fully synthetic and it sounds rough?

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