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  1. Hi there guys

    At the moment im running 18" Audi RS4 (new style replicas)
    Ive been looking at possibly buying some 18/19" Rota Grid Drift wheels for my S3.

    I was told by a friend not to bother as they have a reputation of falling apart and i have also looked on forums and they have mixed reviews saying that they are rubbish and the paint flakes off after a while. The other lot say that they are awesome and have never had problems with them.

    What you reckon?
    I am guessing its when they are used for track days etc.

    I only use my car for general everyday use, dont really drive that fast either. Might give it the odd squirt if im on a road i know well and dont really go any faster than 80mph on a motorway.
    Was just wondering, would these wheels live up to just everyday use?

  2. Jason.s

    Jason.s Active Member

    Basically common as f*ck in jap scene, lost all credibility when they started being put on Corsa`s and stuff when they released the 4x108 fitment and then crept into the VAG scene where they`re getting more and more common! They look good sure but really they arent THAT much cheaper than the original wheels they`ve copied.

    People always suggest they`re weak and bad quality but then majority dont have issues. Obviously on track sure the increased heat will do them no good but on the road they should be alright. Pot holes seem to smash huge chunks out of them instead of bending them like OEM wheels.
  3. Prawn

    Prawn My other car is a MINI!!!!

    absolutely fine for every day use, look at the jap scene, almost all of them run rotas, and I've not seen many complaints at all.

    Sure, if you run them through winter and teh salt and grit and NEVER clean them, then it'll eat into them and cause issues, but if you treat them well like you would any decent wheel tehy're spot on.

    I've got Rota Force rims on my track car because they're ultra light, and they're been great, no paint damage, no buckling from riding kerbs, and they look great. used on track of course.

    great wheels in my opinion.
  4. Thanks for the comments! will see what other people say but from going on those two comments, they are by far good enough for me
  5. Rotas are light and great quality wheels, I was more than happy with my old G-Forces. Not sure they are that common on Audis but they are certainly an acquired taste. 19"s are not available though are they?
  6. Your right 19's arent available as i found out this morning!

    I dont suppose you know what offset is correct for the S3? i know the wheels i want dont come in the right offset. If i choose not to get the Rota's i will want to get some that dont require spacers. Is it something like 30/32?

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