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Rota Grid Drifts - size help

Nikki_S3 Feb 14, 2014

  1. Nikki_S3

    Nikki_S3 New Member

    Hi, I'm thinking of getting a set of the Rota Grid Drift alloys for my S3 but I'm finding the size combos a bit confusing! I was thinking of going for 17"x9", 5x100 PCD, ET42.... can anyone shed any light as to whether these will fit OK. Suspension appears standard on the car at the mo, but I am thinking of dropping it by 30mm. Thanks!
  2. J Eyo

    J Eyo Polo GTI (6) R

    Hmm be careful, I am sort of in the same boat, running 18x9.5 et 38 with 15mm spacers up front, I have about 2mm of clearance between the wheel lip and strut :( giving me issues when looking at coil overs. I'm sure you may been spacers, but not drastic like mine, possibly only when you want to lower, especially if you go the mono tube design coil overs with the adjuster that lowers the entire piston into the bottom housing, such as the bc br or v1'a or DC2 RS coil overs

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