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Ross Tech VAG-COM Micro-CAN USB Interface For Sale

J7-AUDIA3 Jul 13, 2008

  1. J7-AUDIA3

    J7-AUDIA3 Member


    Should really go into the classifieds :sign_plug: but thought I'd bring to your attention what I'm selling, save my putting it on ebay. Compatible with;
    - 1K-chassis (Mk.5) VW Golf (Rabbit) and Jetta including the GTI and GLI versions.
    - 3C-chassis (B6) VW Passat
    - 8P-chassis Audi A3
    - 8J-chassis Audi TT
    - 1T-chassis VW Touran mini-van
    - 1F-chassis VW Eos
    - 2K-chassis VW Caddy
    - 5M-chassis Golf Plus
    - 5P-chassis Seat Altea and Toledo
    - 1P-chassis Seat Leon
    - 1Z-chassis Skoda Octavia

    As new, bought from Gendan.co.uk, used with my 2007 Audi A3 to sort out traction control problems and install cruise control.

    £120 including P&P. PM if interested.



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