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Roofbars and gearboxes

Star Dec 23, 2010

  1. Star

    Star New Member

    Okay, I am fed with cringing every time I stick something (normally skis) through the ski hole, worried it'll scratch some plastic somewhere, so I'd like to get some roof bars, and then a ski bar.

    Problem is I have no roof bars as standard, plus I have the Panoramic sunroof. Assuming I don't want to open the roof (and why would I in the winter) whilst the ski bars would be on does anyone have any recommendations for good kits from Thule and the like?

    With the gearbox, I have a 2006 Quattro, 6 speed SB (German spec). The gearbox for me is terrible. It feels a incredibly mechanic changing gear, requires real precision in the lower gears, and I've been driving it for about 4-5 months now and achieving a smooth change from 1st to 2nd is really hard at anything not a snails pace (letting the revs and speed drop). I've searched and seen others with the problem (or what sounds like it) but no solutions. Am I stuck with it? It's out of warranty from Audi themselves, but I have a years warranty from the seller.


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  2. PilotAudi

    PilotAudi New Member

    You can retro fit the roofbars and local dealer will do them for the same price as Factory option. circa £200. Not sure how much the parts are though but maybe secondhand or EBay, or Breakers. Our just gone 2008 Phantom had Alu Bars which look great but on the BE you can only have Black. We considered retro fit Alu but as not an OEM option we thought best to stick with the Black! We bought Thule Bars which are fine BUT you cannot open the Open Sky roof when they are fitted. Never had an issue and we do so love the Open Sky. Some would not pay the £1000 but reckon we got half back on PX so not much more than 50p a day!!

    Not come across the Gearbox issue I'm afraid and we've had 2 8P Quattro Sportbacks, 1 x 2.0TFSi and last the 170 Tdi 170.

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