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Roof problems Audi A4 B6 2004

Jas87 Jul 23, 2013

  1. Jas87

    Jas87 New Member

    Hi all,

    i hope someone can help. I went to put my roof back up the other day on my car and as I did so it went half way up and then stopped and went back down.. I left it for a little while and eventually I managed to get it closed but had it flashing 'roof not secure' i managed to manually open and close it which sorted it.
    Now the problem is when I tried today to take it down to see if it worked the windows are going half way down and I can hear the motor in the front trying to unclip the top bit its not opening up.

    i have tried manually resetting it by opening and closing it manually but that doesn't seem to work. when I manually opened the front bit of the roof and pressed the roof button it started working then stopped again once it folds in and before the boot bit comes down.

    same with when I try close it, it gets to the end before the roof clips to the front and it stops so I had to manually lock the front of the roof.

    hope this makes sense

    Any ideas what this could be? Any help would be great.

  2. VagPro

    VagPro Active Member

    Hi, you need to plug it into VCDS check the fault codes and compare the MBV against, let me know how you get on....

    Audi A4 (8E) Automatic Roof - Ross-Tech Wiki

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