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  1. northern monkey

    northern monkey Member

    I recently had to replace the grommet on the roof aerial. While changing things over I was a little too heavy handed with the cable connector behind the rear interior light and the cable came out of the crimped connector. As this connector had Audi printed all over it I figured I'd had to go to Audi to get a replacement. I used this as an excuse to get a fin style aerial from ebay. This came with the standard aerial connector and another cable with a spade connector and no instructions. I cut off the aerial connector off and I connected this back to the cable which was connected to the old aerial. I used a new coaxil connector from Maplins similar to the Sky connectors but smaller. The problem was that the cable on the new aerial was a coaxil cable, and I still get no reception.

    Has anyone any ideas how I can get this to work?

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