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Rolling Road Days 26th May Norwich

leekeene Apr 23, 2012

  1. leekeene

    leekeene Member

    hello. one of the forums i use is having a Rolling Road Day at Clive Atthowe Tuning in Norwich

    Enginetuning.net - Clive Atthowe - Automotive Diagnostic Specialist

    heres the opening line from the guy that wrote the original post.

    Rolling Road is 4WD, so all you other "VAG" people in you R32's and 4x4 Superbs etc can still come an play.

    I will have to give them a holding deposit against my credit card to secure the day, so I must insist, only put your name on the list if you 100% intend on being there. If people don't show, I stand to be £150 out of pocket.

    Alternatively, Clive Atthowe will accept pre payment for your run, to secure your place via paypal, give them a call on 01603 702400, tell them you are from SEATCUPRA.NET, and he will sort it out with you

    If we get 20+ cars, its £35 per run, (generally 2 to 3 runs, with the full graphed read-outs), if we have under 20 cars, price will be £40.

    Room for about 50 cars to park, and he said we are welcome to stick with the Bar-B-Q plan

    Postcode is NR7 9AQ

    Relocated SCN Rolling Road Day, still May 26th, Clive Atthowes, Norwich - SEAT Cupra.net - SEAT Forum
  2. leekeene

    leekeene Member

    no one??

    list thus far

    1) FsiLeonMike (RR) Mk2 Leon 2.0 FSI
    2) Smee (RR) Mk2 Leon Cupra
    3) Gezmeister (RR) Mk2 Ibiza GTI Cupra Sport 8v
    4) Obou (RR) Mk1 Leon Cupra TDi 150
    5) mhill (RR) Skoda Superb TDi 140 4x4
    6) DannyC87 (RR) Mk2 Leon Cupra (hopefully, will confirm asap)
    7) h22_dan.. (RR) Mk1 Leon Cupra
    8) guest of h22_dan.. (RR) Golf MkIV GTi
    9) Ami-Jane (RR) Mk2 Leon Cupra
    10) ET CUPRA (RR) (MkI Leon FR TDi)
    11) S3 AKR (RR) (MkII Toledo 20vT)
    12) JAMES (RR) (BMW M3 v8) friend of smees
    13) John Brum (RR) from SSS
    14) Josh Lamb (RR) mk3 Ibiza 20vt
    15) Shaun (RR) Red Civic Del Sol
    16) Karl (RR) Fiat Coupe 20vt friend of Smee's

    1) red mist ( NOT RR) mk1 leon cupra fr
    2) bealz998 (NO RR) (MkIII Ibiza 1.4)
    3) Lee Cupra Jones (NO RR) from SSS
    4) Wes G (NO RR) from VAGOC

    Potential BBQ on the day aswell
  3. TimJK

    TimJK Member

    Is this now called off? I need my car put on the dyne

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