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Rolling Road Day - 28th March

Blue_Thunder Feb 19, 2009

  1. Blue_Thunder

    Blue_Thunder Well-Known Member

    Guys, i'm running an AudiSRS Rolling Road day up at Dyno Demon on 28th March.

    We've currently got some interesting runners on the day:
    4 K04'd S4's
    B5 RS4's - one with RS6 turbos
    2 widebodied S4's.... one aiming for 450bhp, the other for 650+bhp!!!!

    If anyone is interested in running, it will be £35 a car and I'm taking payment up front.

    See here for more details: http://audisrs.com/ftopic3525-0-asc-0.php

    I ran one of these back in October at Dyno Demon and everyone agreed it was an excellent venue. Back on that date we ran a number of standard cars which came pretty much bang on their 'factory power', so the figures are reliable. It's a Dyno Dynamics machine they use and they give you two printouts showing BHP (crank and wheel), Torque, AFR anf Boost.

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