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Rolling Road before and after.

Discussion in 'Custom-Code UK' started by Custom-Code HQ, Dec 14, 2007.

  1. Custom-Code HQ

    Nov 10, 2007
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    This is a recent post from SeatCupra.net. One of our customers using the mobile tuning service. He has a Leon with a K03s. Thought I would share it.

    Last Monday (Nov 26th) I had a visit from James and the Custom-Code mobile service. The car was standard apart from a Carbonio CAI, turbo-back Piper exhaust with sports cat and Forge 007P. I had no idea what to expect. I had the car dyno'd the day before the remap and it made around 195bhp and 190lb/ft as an average between the two runs.

    After some time getting used to the new map I was concerned that there was a running issue at around 6000rpm, where the engine was really holding back. I figured it would sort itself out so forgot about it. I went out this morning to give the car a shake-down, before it's dyno run, and found it was no better and still holding back.

    I've always run the car on 95 RON unleaded and kind-of forgot about that after the remap. I took a chance and added 3/4 of a tank of V-Power to the 1/4 of a tank of 95 RON and it was an instant improvement. I'm such a dumb-arse.

    Happy with the car, I took it to Clive. This is a graph of todays run overlayed on last week's pre-map run. The only differences to last week are the C-C remap, a Forge TIP and V-Power fuel (mostly

    The blue run was the lower of the two from the pre-map session, but the smoothest and probably most representative. The red run was the first full run Clive managed today without wheelspin. The numbers speak for themselves.

    Before: 193.7bhp and 187.2lbft

    After: 242.0bhp and 256.4lbft

    Clive didn't rev the car quite so hard this time, but you can see from the graph it would have been pointless, as the torque drops off steeply above 5000rpm. Boost pressure peaked around 22psi at 3000rpm and held 20psi until 4500rpm. After 4500rpm the turbo struggled to maintain pressure and boost dropped to 15psi at 5500rpm, accounting for the torque drop-off.

    As a comparrisson, the pre-map boost pressure peaked at 11psi and held 9psi.

    The difference on the road is hard to describe. Although the car doesn't have the top-end rush of a Civic Type-R, the effortless overtaking thrust available is immense. Paying for V-Power is going to take some getting used to though

    For performance per pound you really can't beat a quality remap.


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