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Roll cage with a subwoofer?

ajda3 Nov 25, 2009

  1. ajda3

    ajda3 A3 Newbie... Haa

    Hi there
    Not sure if this has been asked before but after looknig around at cars on here and mates cars i'm considering some form of roll cage on the a3 i plan to get next year

    I also plan to fit a subwoofer into the car and after seeing several cars, they have put a hench subwoofer under the roll cage

    This visually looks great but others have told me that this can effect the everything that the roll cage does performance wise?
    Is this true or is it simply people disliking the idea??

    Any help much appreciated
  2. danny_s3

    danny_s3 Member

    that will be a mad mod,
    you might just be the 1st to do that in uk,
  3. A3Tom

    A3Tom Smell my finger.

    To what extent do you want to cage your car?

    Full cage or just a 4 point etc in the back?.

    Its an awful lot of work on any car let alone a trim filled A3. Lets not forget they're pretty heavy too.

    If you're going to do it I hope you have deep pockets, loads of time and know what you're doing,....building a cage is an art IMO.

    Whatever you do...DO NOT BUY A SHOW CAGE!!.

  4. Olly P

    Olly P My other cars a mk2 Golf GTi

    Is it really worth it? as already said, the A3/S3 are pretty heavy cars! Would have thought it would be best to spend the money on making it go faster not slow it down! If you thinking of using it for track days, there are much better cars out there than the A3!

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