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Rob Austin without a main sponsor for 2014 BTCC

Goughieee6 Dec 12, 2013

  1. Goughieee6

    Goughieee6 New Member

    There is nobody in the BTCC paddock as likeable and as popular as Rob, and as his past couple of years have proved, he deserves a proper crack at the drivers championship next year! This years team sponsor WIX, have decided to jump ship and go to another team in the paddock which has left Rob, who funds the car/team with his family, in a tricky spot. As you all know Rob and the team have a massive fan base that stick with him through the thick and thin, now its time we show what we can do! The more signatures the better as,id like to send this petition to Audi UK to get them to properly take a look into this or any potential sponsors for that matter, as Rob and the teams hard work deserves it! Sign Here! Spread the word!!! Link below.http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/robaustinbtcc2014titlesponsorIts got off to a slow start, mainly because I started it tonight, if you have any social networks Facebook/Twitter then posting the link up there will be awesome. Hoping to send the list to the team to use once the list gets a lot of names! Much Appreciated! Dont want to lose an Audi on the grid do we!!Twitter: @goughieee6

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