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Do you get Road Rage?

  1. Yes, most def do

    31 vote(s)
  2. No, I'm a sensible bloke

    15 vote(s)
  1. Defratos

    Defratos You’re Dethpicable!!

    Ok I'm usually a very sane driver and don't get ticked off easily, but when I blow I loose all sense of the world and drive like a loon. Is it just me that gets this? or do all of u place ur life at risk every now and then when some fool is hogging the fast lane, or cuts u up, or keeps on slamming on the break? :shrug:
  2. benw123

    benw123 Moderator

    I'm the same - usually calm and placid as ever, but sometimes the red mist descends and you do something silly. The really annoying thing is that later on, you realise you were an absolute prat but there's nothing you can do about it.
  3. 28v6

    28v6 Guest

    Feck! Doc, don't get me started... See got me going already....and "you wouldn't like me when I'm angry" he says shreadding his shirt... me feet have gone green now...tee...hee:keule: , and no me face is still a healthy pink and not brown before anyone asks....:) :laugh:
  4. Rev-head

    Rev-head Active Member

    I get irriated but not to the level were i am swearing my head off
  5. Aldo

    Aldo Active Member It's my birthday

    Yeah, there should be a sometimes option, I swear to myself and shout out loud but never act on anything physically.
  6. jcs356

    jcs356 Brum brum

    Most of the time I'm chilled but just once in a while I'll do something completely stupid. As you say, 2 minutes later I'm thinking why did I just do that???
  7. Peloton

    Peloton Member

    I do but only when they f**kin deserve it the stupid f**kin lowlife idiots!!! :motz: :asskicking: :banghead: :keule:
  8. silver75

    silver75 Big Ron

    I get serious road rage quite regularly (maybe a couple of times a week)never got out of my car, but another driver did once and this morning a lorry tried to run me off the road...
  9. rickquattro

    rickquattro Member

    I had Audi fit a Missile Lock button next to the cupholder in one of those spare button blanks... dont get angry any more, just press and go through all the debris.

    Its part of their "Unreasonable Total Urban Retard Driver" or "U-TURD" pack made available on special order just after PROCON-TEN.

    Seems to work...
  10. Peloton

    Peloton Member

    :rockwoot: :lmfao:
  11. myzeneye

    myzeneye Member

    in my younger days i was very hot headed... ( now im super chilled and wise, after all, they say you learn by your mistakes...)
    anyway, years ago , before mobile phone/driving laws were enforced, a car pulled up along side me at the lights why i was on the phone...... yes, i know, bad boy and i dont do it now.....
    anyway, the car pulls up along side me and the passenger leans right out of the window, waving his arms and guesturing w@nker signs at me... i was slightly taken back by this and as the lights turned to green their car wheel spun and sped away... i thought , no effin way, and gave hot persuit....
    i followed them down the expressway at around 85mph and then through a few turns and into a car park at the back of the local shops..... by this point, i had reached that eary state of quiet,tunnel visioned calmness that can only end in tears.
    they spun their car around and i skidded to a halt as i blocked them in like in a scene from the proffesionals....
    i jumped out my van grabbing my trusty length of cut down, thick black rubber/metal braided cooker hose from the pocket of my door, ready for action. ( if your wondering about the hose, im a gas fitter, not an s&m freak)
    as i bounced over to the passenger side of the car, fully intending to get stuck straight in, i noticed the epelets on their shoulders........ then their crisp white shirts and black slacks as one of them reached for the radio on his chest....
    my face must have looked a picture.
    it took some real talking i can tell you to walk away from that one....
    " what exactly are you planning on doing with that" he said grinning at me...
    i said " well, eerr..... look... youve taught me a valuble lesson here.....etc etc...
    turns out they were off duty, he was not calling me a w@nker but was telling me to get of my phone.... fair do's.
    one of them wanted to get close up in my face and be menacing but the other saw my side of it and that i had genuinly been taught a lesson.

    moral of the story is..... that time it was coppers, it could have been a bigger bloke than me and gone horribly wrong, or even ended up in a serious bit of violence...
    i now am very calm... i have a son and a wife now and often when crossed on the road think to myself.... " its a good job for you my boys in the back, or my wifes sat there... or youd be getting it mate.. " but the truth is even if they werent, id probably let it slide now... lifes too short
    people get in the wrong lanes, cut you up, or make mistakes... as long as no harms done, just take it in your stride a take pleasure in the knowledge that your a better person for being able to let it go, many cant. i never used to be able.
    turn a bad into a good.... lifes too short.
  12. TDI-line

    TDI-line Uber Post Whore Team Floret Silver quattro Audi A3 Black Edition TDi

    Well said Myzeneye.
  13. ARCHIE

    ARCHIE New Member

    Pretty simlar to above only when the car i chased stopped the driver got out with a gun, my mrs unfortunately was in the car, pregnant at the time..........
    A long story, which took a long time to resolve, i now have a two year son and every now and then when some DI@K thinks he can take on the world i just ignore it, i think about what could have happened now and then, and to miss out on life for the sake of an argument that started on a roundabout in the middle of nowhere seems a bit of a no brainer........

    The bloke who pulled the stunt had previous for threats and was wanted for similar offences using firearms, it seems a bit bone really that he wasnt stopped and searched as his number plate was known to the police.

    Here endeth the lesson...........:undwech:
  14. A4Andy

    A4Andy Quattro-tastic. Not half.

    I wouldn't say I get mad road rage, but I definitely lose it. I find myself raising my hands more and more in day to day driving.

    I'm quite sure my driving isn't beyond reproach, but new drivers and especially taxi drivers in Glasgow seem to be getting worse.

    My favourite are taxi drivers that do u-turns on the Great Western Road in rush hour. :asskicking:

    Second are new drivers that have never been on a dual carriageway, never mind the M8 at the M80 merge, nervously jerking their car around afraid of committing to a decision.... :angrymod:
  15. fallmonk

    fallmonk Turbo Sport

    Like a lot of people on here i get mad and annoyed , but i just let it slide never felt the urge to get out and smack someone,wots the point theres far to many idiots out there wee all know that , if you hit every idiot on the road who cut you up the NHS would be full of corsa drivers:doctor: !!!!!!!!!!!
    I drive a artic for a living ,trust me i see lots of idiots every day on the roads, who are either cutting up my braking area or are sneaking up the space i have left on the left had side(for the railer to get round) when im turning left despite the idicators flashing and me positioning myself, half in both lanes you can bet your last £ there is always one!
    And im not saying truck drivers are inocent , i have been on the end of a truck driver/bus etc using there "weight advantage" trying to pull in/out of lanes etc, i hate drivers who bully there way in ,thats wot usualy gets me going ,even had some idiot in a audi allroad(are u a ASN USER??????) wanting to play chicken with me in the truck and force his lane in needles to say wasnt in the mood and held my lane =result i got a damaged step he got a smashed quarter pannel!!!!!!!!!!!!! (never even stopped,but reporter it same day to police to cover my self,just as well he reported it next day , when i asked why it took so long the police (discreatly) sayed he was probably drunk! or had something to hide!!!)

    End result is life is far to short and who knows the idiot might have a knife or worse a gun :gun2: is it really worth loosing your life for loosing 10 feet in a trafic jam or some idiot cutting you up?????
  16. S3QuattroDrift

    S3QuattroDrift Drifting With All 4 Wheels

    I am superchilled behind the wheel. The other day i was going along a bit of dual carriageway in front of PC World Charlton plonking along at 45mph when an old Golf GTI racing a BMW 1 series undertook me at about 90mph back out into the outside lane in front of me to overtake a car on the inside lane. Just as i uttered the word wa**kers, the BMW braked too hard for the roundabout and the Golf smacked the rear offside and then they both span out in opposite directions right in front of me. I lowered my window as they emerged from the wreckage so that they could hear me roar with laughter as i threaded my way through the debris.
    I love to drive fast but i never race on the road, only for my own pleas ure.:haha:
  17. S3QuattroDrift

    S3QuattroDrift Drifting With All 4 Wheels

  18. Caesium

    Caesium My BM is fixed! VCDS Map User

    This is a subject that is something I can talk about. I'm not an agressive person but I do have a fairly short fuse, I can't bear fools lightly.

    I think people today have very low spacial awareness, as far as they are concerned, the world ends at their bonnet and god help anyone else.

    I was driving down a country lane early one morning and the weather was a bit foul, that strange rain thats like fog. I had some guy come up behind me in a silver A4 (the B5 one) and sit right on my ass. There were'nt many overtaking places so he just stayed there sitting on my ass. He pulled onto the other side of the road a few times to have a look but then came back in again. This was really starting to **** me off, why should he put my safety in danger? I was driving a transit van and I wasn't hanging about thats for sure.

    Well we came into an area that had school signs so I slowed down, well this seemed to **** him off even more so he started flashing and weaving all around behind me, until he decided in his infinite widsom to overtake me, at this point a car appeared coming the other way when he was about 1/3rd of the way past me, so istead of dropping back he pushed on, and cut-in in front of me so close I had to stamp on the brakes and swerve up the pavement.

    Well by now I was livid, i carried on behind him for about 1/2 a mile then we hit the school traffic so he had to stop, he saw me coming up behind him and then tried to overtake a long line of stationery traffic on the other side of the road, but a woman was trying to cross with her kid. Luckily enough he spotted this and stopped in time, she started having a go at him, and another motorist came the other way at this point, the bloke in the Audi was stuck on the wrong side of the road.

    A motorist in front of me got out of his car to also remonstrate with the Audi driver but by the time he got out of his car I was already by the window of the Audi, I opened the door and literally pulled this twat out of his car ( he had no belt on ) and pulled him in his nice shirt and tie to the floor, held him by his collar and shouted in his face that his actions are going to kill someone. the woman who he nearly hit had a bit of a go too.

    I really wanted to punch this guy's face in, but there were kids all around, so in the end I let him go, content that his clothes were soaking wet and covered in road ****.

    I know this isn't a story to be proud of, and i'm not looking for any condonement or congratulations, but some people have no sense whatsover. It may be unecassary to resort to these methods but if it makes that dipshit think twice again, it may save someones life... who knows?
  19. fallmonk

    fallmonk Turbo Sport

  20. ButchsTT

    ButchsTT Member

    You should try to drive in Puerto Rico evrybody that has a big muffler has a race car sometimes I feel bad when I set next to them for a second or 2 then shift to 3rd and watch that sad look they all get knowing that there is not a thing they can do
  21. voorhees

    voorhees Moderator Staff Member Moderator Team V8 Audi S5 s tronic

    Don't do road rage,my brother gave me some advice and its kept with me.
    I'm over six foot fourteen stone but no matter whats said or done I will NEVER leave my vehicle because of Kenneth Noye
  22. shuzzy

    shuzzy New Member

    Courier delivery driver once tried to ram me off the road. Empty motorway 70mph and he just purposely sverwed in front of me as I was about to overtake. Then started sverving at me from the side. Had family in car and the circumstances didn't allow me to do anything aboput it. Absolutely no reason for it whatsoever. Never seen him before or had any sort of altercation with him. More than likely to do with colour of my skin (brown) and nothing else.:confused:

    That Motherf****er could have killed us all that day, it doesn't bear thinking about.:motz:

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