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Road handling with 19" alloys

Arf Mar 21, 2006

  1. Arf

    Arf Member

    hi just bout to buy new alloys cant decide whether to go 18 or 19" does any1 have any regrets about buying 19" wheels or do they recomend 18s or are 19" no bad enough to complain about

  2. james0808

    james0808 Active Member

    im about to buy some too and was wondering which size to go for 18 or 19?
  3. imported_G4JSG

    imported_G4JSG Guest

    Me too.

    got a quote of £645 for 18" set of 4 wheel and tyre package for RS6 replicas.

    I have 17"s on it now.........so I'm guessing the ride will be a little more bumpy and cornering a little easier.

  4. raca4

    raca4 New Member

    Me 3
    Tyre price is the main thing i think, add 25% over the 18's tyre price.
  5. griffj

    griffj Member

    i have another car, that was running on 17s as standard, the ride was firm in the first place as the car is a sporty model and had quite tough suspension.
    i changed to 18s a couple of years ago and the ride got a bit harder, the tyres are 235/40/18s
    i had a set of 19s fitted for a while, which were running 235/35/19s and the ride was seriously hard to the point where the cd would jump on a bad road. but it went around corners like a train!!! (it didnt bother me so much but the wife hated it!!)
    i changed back to the 18s and sold the 19s to a m8.
    ive found its a trade off really, the thinner the tyre the harder the ride but the better the car handles/looks.
    put it this way, if when i fit my 18s to the A4 its tollerable im going straight to 19s!!!!!

    my A4 is at the mo running on 16s, i will be selling my other car shortly to get an A6 2.5tdi, i will be fitting the 18s to the A4 so i'll let you know the difference then.

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