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Road angel OLD v. NEW

MouseGB Jun 19, 2013

  1. MouseGB

    MouseGB Member

    After almost 10 years my RA2 has failed, but only that the backlight has stopped working. Pretty good really but as 30 k miles a year I bought the RA Gem last week. They now both sit on the dash, a little bit of type testing... The older unit looks and feels better quality in your hands and the window bracket is much better fit to the unit. The new unit has a colour screen but its hard to see in bright light and sunglasses make it worse, it needs to be iPhone bright for day time. The important bits work well though and the alerts are clear. The GPS clock and compass are missing and I used both every day but I guess satnav and DAB radio are here now. The new unit updates over GPRS whilst the older RA2 is connected to the computer.

    If you can afford it get the new unit but if your looking far a cheap solution then the RA2 ( not compact) goes for £20ish on EBay and you can still get downloads for new cameras but you'll need an XP COMPUTER.

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