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rnse into an s3???????

20vtdaz May 15, 2007

  1. 20vtdaz

    20vtdaz Member

    hi guys is there anyway of getting an rnse or eqivilant into a 1999 s3, if so how do i go about it and what might it cost,and if not can i fit a new hu with flip screen with the same functions
    thanks a lot, daz
  2. benw123

    benw123 Moderator

    Yes, the RNS-E retrofit has been done. I think there's a guy on this forum called Steve1975 who has done this - maybe drop him a PM? It's a bit involved with some custom wiring needed but certainly not impossible, plus the RNS-E fits nicely into the centre console for that factory look. You can buy used units from eBay from £400 upwards.
  3. steve1975l

    steve1975l Member

    Sorry Daz bad news, it is not that easy on the pre-facelift.

    I don't think your car has CAN bus required for displaying radio/navi instructions in the DIS. So you would need a CAN emulator.

    The pre-facelift models have a different centre console and climate module. I am not sure whether a double DIN would even fit and how you would modify the climate to fit by the ashtray.

    So I opt for a flip out screen.

    For the facelift 8L's it can be done DIY for around £500 anyone wants to know more PM me as I have a large guide on this retrofit.

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