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rnse boots it self every so often

khalil Oct 11, 2010

  1. khalil

    khalil Member

    hi all running into a problem,

    my rnse seems to boot itself every so often after the car is locked,

    well i know its normal that when you lock your car you can still hear the dvd spinning for a short while,

    mine does that and after a while it does that every so often ie around every half an hour,

    i know it does this cause i have one of these attached to my amp Alpine RUX-4280 Remote Amplifier Control Center at Crutchfield.com and when i lock the car it stays lit with the rnse until the rnse shuts itself,

    but when ever i look out in the dark i can see that alpine controller light up so i know that the rnse is spinning, but it does go off after a min or so,

    does anyone have a idea why the rnse is booting itself, seems strange

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