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RNS-E worth it?

stevehall May 27, 2009

  1. stevehall

    stevehall Member VCDS Map User

    I fancy getting an RNS-E for my A4 B7 Avant, I have been watching e-bay for months now and they seem to be going for about £350+ but are they worth that? and what are the common faults with them?

    I always want to try and stay standard, so don’t really want to get an aftermarket drive.

    I just don’t want to shell out ££££ and buy a unit that will last 3 weeks and then die...
  2. BahnStormer77

    BahnStormer77 BahnStormer

    did u find enough info on the RNS-E?

    they're not flawless, but I think they're mostly slightly aged design oversights, rather than manufacturing faults...

    SD cards only (so usually up to 2Gb and some 4Gb), limit of approx 400 songs per card...

    also post code doesn't do the last 2 digits :(

    so rather than "SW18 4PU", it's "SW18 4", then partially or fully type the road name and then search from a list...

    however.... multi-funtion steering wheel and DIS integration is superb.... bluetooth phone link-up also fantastic and if you get SDS-high the voice control for the telephone, radio and navigation is pretty funky too.... I only use it for a few numbers and location, but it's still pretty sweet....

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