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RNS-E video input

Enzo_UK Feb 18, 2013

  1. Enzo_UK

    Enzo_UK New Member

    I have a S4 with a RNS-E and have just done the VIM hack as would like to be able to add a DVD player...

    Do I really need to buy one of those £100-£130 multimedia interfaces to be able to feed video into it?

    I have already bought the empty plug for the multimedia socket on the back of the RNS-E, as the pinout shows video in, and was planning on making my own lead from butchering some AUX-IN to Quadlock leads.

    If I enable TV tuner in the coding using VCDS to give me TV in the source list, will it work?

    Or will it only allow me to select TV if the RNS-E can actually talk to a tuner the other end?

    I am sorry if its already on here, but all I can see anywhere is mention of using these interfaces, and just wondered if anyone had tried to feed video directly into it without one.

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