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rns-e upgrades - help required please

Discussion in 'In-Car Entertainment' started by monkeyboyuk, Aug 13, 2008.

  1. monkeyboyuk

    monkeyboyuk New Member

    Aug 13, 2008
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    hi guys,

    recently bought allroad tdi limited edition which has rns-e navplus.

    however the telephone and tv functions are missing.

    wanting to upgrade to have full bluetooth functionality integrated into rns-e as opposed to going the 'parrot' route. whats the best kit to look for and where can i find it??

    not so bothered about getting the tv working but it'd be nice for if i was on a long trip (not that i do that very often either), again what options are available to me for upgrading to say a freeview tuner?

    thirdly, i'm looking for some sort of ipod connection for my 1st gen nano, preferrably that would again integrate into the rns-e and show song titles/artwork etc

    Finally, how easy is it to upgrade to a m/f steering wheel??

    I'm busy scouring the forums to see what i can find out, but thought i was as well posting my intentions to see what advice etc was forthcoming!

    cheers guys

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  3. dunk

    dunk Member

    Oct 22, 2003
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    phone functionality is easy - you will need the audi bluetooth phone module and a loom to connect it to the rns-e, along with the oem mic and lead

    see www.navplus.us

    nothing will integrate the ipod to rns-e with text /titles - just cant be done cos the changer interface doesnt send cd text.

    for a fully integrated mp3 system the phatbox system is hard to beat = it uses voices to guide the user throught gigs of mp3s and integrates with any audi head - the head thinks its just got a standard changer connected. its out of production now but can be had cheap on ebay, particularly from the usa. it can be patched easily to use large disks - i have a 160gig laptop drive in mine about 1/2 full.

    the tv stuff is very expensive to integrate properly using oem - you can get the factory tuner, but the antennas around the boot would need replacing at about £400! - you can get a video-in module and remove the tv in motion lock on the rns-e and use an aftermarket tuner/remote/antenna quite easily though

    try browsing the above site /forum and look at www.kufatec.de
  4. Issac Hunt

    Issac Hunt Active Member
    VCDS Map User

    Jan 6, 2007
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    Thats one of the major failures of the RNS-E in my opionion. Audi really missed the boat in this department. Sadly with the introduction of MMI deveolpment has really slowed/stopped on the RNS-E. However the American market will be getting an Ipod adapter that shows track details on the screen - It emulates the satellite radio tuner option they get so it'll never be available in Europe sadly.

    I went a slightly different route and installed a media player instead, all controllable from the head-unit. Not quite Ipod integration but it holds 320GB of music and video so it will do for now.


    MFSW should be pretty straightforward, you might need a new steering ECU in order to get it working though (might not be required if you already have cruise control).

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