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RNS-E self fit - Audi warranty?

ugly_bloke Aug 14, 2006

  1. ugly_bloke

    ugly_bloke New Member

    Hi all,

    I'm considering replacing my Symphony II head unit in my '54 A3 with the RNS-E unit. I've spent some time reading around the forum looking at the tips and guides, however I have two questions:

    1) If I fit the unit myself, will this affect the remainder of my Audi warranty?

    2) If I purchase an RNS-E unit, from Ebay for example, will Audi fit it for me and will they be able to source the appropriate adapters etc? Does anyone have any experience or estimates as to how much Audi would charge labour wise?

    Many thanks

  2. Dandle

    Dandle Member

    Audi wont do a retrofit as the wiring is slightly different. I don't think it would affect your warranty unless some part of the fitting has caused the damage but you should check with them first. At the end of the day its no different from you fitting another stereo anyway and that doesnt void the car warranty.
  3. gizze

    gizze Member

    When I sold my A6 I had retrofitted the RNS-E, however, the bloke who bought the car called me 2 days later saying the battery was flat? I presumed he had left the lights on or something and said to jump it and let me know if he had any more problems. 3 days later he called again, so I said I would come over and have a look. Couldn't find a problem at all so he took it in to Audi, they ran tests and said that something was draining the battery, and as soon as they pulled the fuse on the Nav+ the drain stopped.


    I made a new harness and put that in, but 3 days later the battery was dead again. Audi would not even look at the car as it had been retrofitted. It wasn't until I suggested putting the Symphony II back in while I sourced another RNS-E unit we realised that it wasn't the Nav+ install, the battery died again after 3 days.
    In the end after the dash apart I found an old Nokia hands free install that hadn't been removed fully and this was the cause.
    The annoying thing was that they would not look at anything on the car electrical wise when they new the RNS-E had been retrofitted, and the fact that they had fitted the phone kit and it was on the original invoice, plus they would not refund the £125 they charged to run the tests, even though it turned out it was their fault. Typical Audi.

    But even after saying that, I would go for it, with the right adaters it is a 30 miute job from start to finish, and 25 minutes of that is removing the instument cluster, putting the gos antenna above it and putting it back in again, so just go for it, but buy the parts from someone who knows what they are doing, I have bought three adpaters and only one was wired correctly.

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