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RNS-E Route Selection

rdfcpete Dec 19, 2012

  1. rdfcpete

    rdfcpete Member

    Guys, with the RNS-E is it possible to select from a list of complete routes available once you've entered your destination into the nav media?

    E.g. Im traveling from Northampton to Basingstoke, having entered the address and I want the A43 and M40 route to be offered alongside the m1 and m25 route.

    My RNS510 in my MK5 Golf GTI used to offer three routes available and you would choose your preferred one.

    Does the RNS-E offer a similar feature?

  2. Lewbo

    Lewbo Well-Known Member

    Yes rnse offers you more then one route normally 3 I have found then just pick your choice of route like the golf's rns
  3. monopole

    monopole Well-Known Member

    When you have entered a destination and it shows you the overview, I use the rocker button to select between the options of route it gives you (if available) press the rocker button and it selects that route. Other than setting your road preferences, thats about it.
  4. rdfcpete

    rdfcpete Member

    You're both spot on. Pleased to say it's user error on this occasion. Didn't notice that the map highlighted more than one route (they're a similar colour on my RNS-E, strangely).

    The RNS510 usually puts the three routes in a bubble per route on the left hand side IIRC and you touch to pick the one you want (it's colour coded to the route on the map).

    Glad it gives more than just one route with the RNS-E however.
    Thanks both :thumbsup:

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