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RNS-E retrofit S3 8L '03 - info/advice please!

Poke13 Jul 12, 2011

  1. Poke13

    Poke13 Member

    Hey Guys,

    After seeing examples of how OEM it looks I am interested in fitting the A4 RNS-E head unit into my S3 that has the double din Symphony with 6cd changer. From what I know it is the probably the best starting point in terms of doing this but have a few questions.

    - Where do people get the RNS-E's from for a reasonable price? (and what would people say is reasonable)

    - Is the job fairly do-able DIY?

    - If you DIY it does it/can you link up with display near speedo?

    - What options are there once its installed eg. Bluetooth/Bluetooth mp3 streaming?/iPod or iPhone connection?


  2. carlos19664

    carlos19664 Member

    Best place I found is on ebay expect to pay around 400 to 450 if your lucky, not sure with the A3 how hard it is but I did my own in my A4 CAB took 2 hours easier than I thought if you have a decent set of sockets and tools and your methodical in your approach you ll have no prob, you can buy an adapter to make it easier to fit into and replace existing wiring which I recommend once all plugged in it will work but you will have to VAGCOM once fitted to see it on your dashboard, I contacted someone from here to have mine done and he travelled to me for a fee, bluetooth, TV, are available at a cost to add to the system but try if your capable to do as much as you can yourself to save cash, good luck
  3. carlos19664

    carlos19664 Member

    to be honest Im suprised I didnt do the upgrade before its been worth it excellent bit of kit

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