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rns-e retrofit question. wiring harness question

dares_uk Mar 21, 2014

  1. dares_uk

    dares_uk Member


    i know there is lots of stuff on here and the net,
    and i have googled etc.. before posting, i couldnt find confirmation.

    I have an 2005 b6 A4 cabriolet,
    with bluetooth hands free, and BOSE.

    I have purchased an RNSE, (not come yet)
    and a glovebox cd changer.
    it comes with a wiring harness, which looks like iso blocks,

    but do i need this tyre of harness for the bose / bluetooth too work too ?
    Audi Bluetooth SDS Wiring A3 A4 ► RNS-E Concert 8P1862335 8P0862335 8T0862335 | eBay


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