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RNS-E Retrofit - finishing up

jvbates Mar 25, 2007

  1. jvbates

    jvbates Member

    I finally got around to retrofitting the RNS-E unit I bought last week from Topsatnav on Ebay (Great service by the way!!), it was all surprisingly easy, just take the old unit out plug everything into the new harness (supplied with the unit) and slot back in! But I have a couple of questions...

    1. The new harness had 2 single wires on it. One marked bose (which I ingnored as I don't have it!) the other blue & white marked speed/gala. You can see the wire in question in this photo...

    Stolen from benw123's excellent retrofit photo guide

    ...now i'm assuming this is for the gala speed sensitive volume control. But I couldn't see any obvious place for it to connect to, so have currently left it unattached. Anyone have any idea where is it supposed to go?

    2. Exactly what settings do I need to change/get coded via vag.com? I have a 2003 S4 Avant without Bose

    3. and finally... Is there any one with vag.com in the sussex area?
  2. steve1975l

    steve1975l Member

    Leatherhead Surrey and good?
  3. benw123

    benw123 Moderator

    Glad you found my write-up useful! IIRC, the GALA cable is connected up behind the instrument cluster, which means this has to come out. However, I thought this was for the A6 only? You can check on http://www.navplus.us if you haven't already.

    Also, you've probably already realised from my install that the 8P doesn't need a GALA connection - it's already built-in to the adapter.

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