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Rns-e question?

BBlackburn Aug 21, 2011

  1. BBlackburn

    BBlackburn Member

    Hi I have purchased a rns-e unit comes on Monday, can't wait to get it fitted and working, the unit comes with the kufatech Bns navigation harness. Just wanted to know before I fit it all is there anything else I need to get it all completely working? doesn't specify an antenna, also I would like to use the bluetooth phone prep I need to buy the Bluetooth set up for that don't I? How hard is that to install?
    Sorry for all the questions or If they sound like I have no idea because I actually don't my first a3.
    Cheers guys
  2. wez3570

    wez3570 Member

    All these questions have been answered many times before. Search is your friend :)

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