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RNS -E Problem

Leetaylor Jul 8, 2006

  1. Leetaylor

    Leetaylor Member


    Now then, is it me being stupid, or is the sorting of tracks a complete nightmare on the SD card to enable playback on the unit.

    I hava a SD card (1G) of which i want to put quite a few albums, so when i copy and paste the tracks onto the card on my PC they are fine, all in order with the full compiment of tracks.

    However, when i put the card in the reader slot in my car everthing changes!!
    The unit takes it upon itself to re-arrange everthing into alphabetical order, or if the tracks are numbered, i.e 1-20 per albumn, all the 1's go together then the 2's etc etc!!
    Also the songs are all in Mp3 format, and show up on the PC reader, but the RNS cannot read all tracks, there are approx 5-10 missing per albumn.

    Is anyone else experiencing stuff like this, and is there a software programme to sort this, otherwise i think i'll have to purchase a CD changer!!


  2. dunk

    dunk Member

    firstly use separate folders for each album using a descriptive short name

    secondly make sure all mp3 files use cbr - constant bit rate - it will not show or play variable bit rate encoded files

    check the mp3 file tags are present using the same format - i usually use id3-v1 and id3-v2 together

    finally rename the files with a leading zero and the track number at the start of the name - eg '01 track name 1' then '02 track name 2' etc

    only put a max of about 450-480 tracks on an sd card - there is a limit of 512 files and folders in total.
  3. dunk

    dunk Member

    use cdex freeware to do any ripping and winamp to do any name / tag conversion

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