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rns-e or non genuine one off ebay

millwrx Oct 8, 2010

  1. millwrx

    millwrx Member

    looking to upgrade to a satnav unit in my b6 a4 avant,seen some on ebay but all the extras need to be brought as add ons with the rns-e,the none genuine ones seen to have it all built in already,is anyone have one of these fitted that can tell me what these are like?he emailed me today to say all of the wiring etc is included,and the unit uses tomtom westren europe software which he sends you a link to be able to download it for free,seems to be a really good deal over the genuine audi one as it has all the extras which you have to buy already built in,the only thing which it doesnt do is display it on the lcd screen between the clocks,would like to hear from someone that has brought one already really before i decide,spoke to him on the phone aswell today and it does seem to sound a really good unit,even comes with a rear view camera

    ebay item


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