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RNS-E No code and what is needed??

chazd Oct 18, 2011

  1. chazd

    chazd Active Member

    My local scrappy has an RNS-E (193) which I believe is the latest version removed from a vehicle (but they do not know which one nor have the code!)

    Is this too risky to purchase or can it be unlocked? Also if I want the basic functions for the time being do I just need the wiring adapter and aerial adapter?

    How do I go about coding it to work? My car is a 2007 S-Line with MFSW and double din unit.
  2. 1inchpunch

    1inchpunch Member

    I picked up a unit without a code before and ended up selling it on. Audi said they could recode it for £20 if it was fitted to the car but after an hour sitting in the show room they returned the car and informed me that the unit had not been fitted as standard, DUH! I had already explained that to them. Long and short of it was they wouldn't recode it even with the original VIN incase it had been stolen.

    I tried a few people advertising radio recodes as well and none of them could recode it. My last ditch attempt was one of the places offering a recode service on ebay but at the end of the day I decided it wasn't worth the hassle or the £80 to recode so I just sold the unit on for what I paid for it.

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