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RNS-E install by Dannykn9...

Will. Oct 30, 2013

  1. Will.

    Will. New Member

    Met up with Dannykn9 from the forum today for the installation of an RNS-E to my A3 Cabrio after reading some of his excellent posts on here about it - and just wanted to post this to say what a superb job he did for me - couldn't be more pleased, a perfect job done and what a nice guy :applaus:

    Super friendly, extremely knowledgeable and yeah - was just a real pleasure to meet up with and chat with an expert! I'm going straight back to see him next month for a cruise control retrofit, and have no doubt it'll be an equally good job too.

    Can recommend wholeheartedly, and was great to be able to find someone via this forum rather than taking pot luck with a random car audio workshop out of the Yellow Pages.

    That's it really - thanks Dannykn9 and thanks Audi-Sport.net, just wanted to share my experience with the forum :sm4:
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  2. Dannykn9

    Dannykn9 "Cruise My Ride" VCDS Map User

    Will, absolute pleasure mate. Looking forward to doing more installs for you on that stunning car! Your words are too kind, if only you knew me like my missus, lol.
    Seriously Will, thankyou, look forward to meeting again in a few weeks for your cruise install.

    PS: if you have not installed your new bulbs by then, I will be more than happy to lend a hand, as it can be a bit of a pita!

    Speak soon.
  3. t3ddy

    t3ddy New Member

    I second this! Met up with Dannykn9 last weekend for a cruise control install. Expertly done in record time & genuine friendly service. Oh yes, and a very nice price too!

    Thanks again Dannykn9, I'm enjoying the CC, and using it more than I thought I would.

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