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Rns-e fitting questions

rob irl tdi Nov 12, 2010

  1. rob irl tdi

    rob irl tdi Member

    Ok lads, I bought my double din cage there today off vw. I have thr rns-e and a double din aircon unit and the loom.

    The loom has 4 plugs and I remember my car has 3 from when I took the radio out to have a look during the week. My car is non-bose. Is this what one of the leads is for?

    Hope to fit the whole lot tomorrow. Any tips welcome, especially in coding the instruments and new aircon
  2. A4 nut

    A4 nut Member

    you got your ariel if yes it should be plain sailing i did mine with the info off the post's on here if any problems the b6 guys will help. good luck
  3. paulsb

    paulsb Member

    there should be 4 plugs for non-bose and you'll need a gps antena aswell.

    as for coding mines worked fine whe i pluged it in but it still needs coding. not sure if the aircon need recoding.

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