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RNS-E Fakra Aerial problem - 2004 A4 Cabriolet

S1000rr_Neil Feb 25, 2014

  1. S1000rr_Neil

    S1000rr_Neil New Member

    Evening Guys,

    I'm here looking for help after having escalating problems with the wife's car, RNS-E to be precise...
    Car came with RNS-E so firstly I'm not trying to fix a bodged install :)

    I know I've come to the right place for help and I'm 100% sure someone else has had these problems with RNS-E so Please help!!!

    After attempting to type my progress and developing issues over the last 8 months - I decided to delete it all and just ask my question - save your time!

    I've been checking for continuity at the fakra aerial connections behind the headunit this evening by using my multimeter. I think there could be a break in the aerial somewhere - so thought checking for continuity with the car off - multimeter probes in the centre and outer ring - if the wire is broken, then the inner/outer ring will make the multimeter beep - otherwise - there's no break?

    Essentially on the double connector the multimeter beeps on every combination. on the single GPS fakra connector - the outer ring also shares continuity with the AM/FM & Diversity connection - but not the centre.

    All the connections in the boot remained in place.

    Million dollar question if anyone knows - should these lines have any continuity while connected to the boosters in the boot lid?

    Really appreciate everyones help!!!

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