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RNS-E, factory Bluetooth & 6CD changer

no_idea May 14, 2012

  1. no_idea

    no_idea Active Member

    For sale Mk 1 RNS-E with factory bluetooth module and 6 CD changer fitted in glovebox.

    The RNS-E is part number 8EO 035 192T, it comes complete with genuine 2 disc 2010 disc set, the wiring harness, magnetic satellite aerial, genuine manual, the code and diversity adaptor. The unit is in good condition it has a small mark in the top left hand corner. This was already on the unit when I bought it, it looks like it was done when they pulled the locking key out. It does not effect the use and you cannot notice it when the unit is on.

    The factory bluetooth is part number 8PO 862 335N, this is complete with the wiring harness, (part of the complete harness as shown in the picture) the bluetooth aerial 8PO 035 503E and the mic 8LI 862 373A

    The 6 CD changer is fiited in a Soul (black) glovebox and is part number 8EO 035 111D and is in excellent condition.

    I took this out of my car at the weekend as I have sold the car to my dad and he wasn't interested in these bits. The pictures were taken then.

    I would prefer to sell it as one complete set up, but if there is enough interest I will split it up. It would be a shame to cut the harness about.

    I am asking £700 inc postage to a UK address. Sorry no paypal, direct bank transfer or cleared cheque only.

    I have a few other bits for sale as well I will put another advert up for those.
  2. no_idea

    no_idea Active Member

    I am open to sensible offers on this. I will split it up if interested. I thought I had sold it on ebay but somebody doesn't understand the concept of bidding is to buy!
  3. hades-

    hades- Well-Known Member VCDS Map User

    how much for the nav and discs ?

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