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RNS-E DVD sat nav upgrade for facelift D2 A8/S8

imported_craigyjp Jul 28, 2005

  1. Due to the fact that I'm selling my S8, I'm taking out the RNS-E DVD nav system and TV tuner. The Nav system has the latest 2005_1 DVD which cost me £140 last week, so it's bang upto date.

    I'm willing to install the lot into an A8/S8 facelift only car with an existing RNS-D to take out or a symphony II slot that is the same shape as the normal A8/S8 facelift cut out.

    Total cost is £1000 or VNO (includes TV tuner)


  2. myrichdad

    myrichdad Member

    Craigy B

    PM sent - did you go to school in balsall coomon?

  3. carltonbbc

    carltonbbc New Member

    Hi Craigyb,

    What, what: selling an S8 - leave all the sat nav gubbins in it and I'll buy the lot from you. Is your car still for sale? I'm after an 01 or 02 model without a galactic mileage preferably....

    my email is carltonbbc@yahoo.co.uk if you're interested.

    Here's hoping to hear from you.
  4. Sold now in favour of RS6



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