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RNS-e DVD reading problem

maars Sep 19, 2010

  1. maars

    maars Full speed ahead

    Half way through a trip my RNS-e suddenly decided to declare my nav DVD 'unreadable' (at this point I should declare that it's a copy that came with the ebay'd unit). Thinking it might be the disc I ordered a 2010 replacement (from JohnS3) and normal service resumed.

    Today the RNS-e declared the disc 'unreadable' again - about an hour into a trip. When I took the disc out it was pretty hot. Numerous attempts to get the RNS-e to read it failed, with the same error every time. When I got back in the car several hours later it worked fine. Then, sure enough, a hour or so into the trip home...disc 'unreadable' and the nav gives up. CDs however still play perfectly and always have done. And every other aspect of the unit works fine.

  2. sijones

    sijones Member VCDS Map User

    copy discs seem to do this i have found, original ones are fine for me.

    I had a copy disc when i bought it but since using original it has been fine, but the only thing i can think of is the laser unit is packing up and you can get a new optical drive on ebay am sure i have seen...
  3. maars

    maars Full speed ahead

    If it is the optical unit it's weird how it's only affecting the DVD side, and it only packs up when hot...yet the CD player is fine.

    Fingers crossed it's an easy/cheap fix.
  4. aristides

    aristides Member

    I really believe its the disc mate. Copies are much harder to read for the laser. You could buy a lens cleaning disc and if this doesnt work then you might have to change the laser in your machine.

    You could try to use a OEM disc for a couple of days to see if it works ok and either buy an original or get a better copy.

    I`ve been using copies for 2 years now and never had a problem , let me know if you need one
  5. dunk

    dunk Member

    the dvd reader subunits are well known to fail as well on the rns-e - its about £250 or so to get it replaced
  6. maars

    maars Full speed ahead

    £250 - ouch!

    For now I'm trialling the OEM 2006 nav DVD in the hope that two years of using a copy DVD hasn't shagged the optics.
  7. VWAddict

    VWAddict Member VCDS Map User

    Not really.

    CDs use MUCH larger pits and lands, since they were originally designed to be read with longer-wavelength lasers.

    Any time the optics on any DVD/CD player go marginal, a CD will still work just fine.

    For this exact reason, I don't want to use a recordable disc in mine... even though the originals are RIGHTEOUSLY expensive, new lasers are even more costly!

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