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  1. Stuart Dobson

    Stuart Dobson Member

    (I know I've made 2 consecutive topics here but they are on a "slightly" different subject and I want them to stay that way)

    Basically to skip all the boring stuff I'm planning on retrofitting the RNS-e to my Audi A3 8L, and I like to know exactly what I'm doing before I do it :) I like to plan ahead with stuff like this, especially if I haven't done it before. So basically I have a few questions about VAG-COM coding as I haven't used it before.

    Ok firstly I want to assume that I don't have the Bluetooth adaption (I do wan't to add this in the future but probably not straight away).

    (I have highlighted the things I'm definitely not sure about, but can someone please check it over, any tips would be really helpful)

    Without Bluetooth
    (Radio/Navigation 37/56 in Coding tab)


    5 = A6 (Even though its an A3, I've been told I need to code it to an A6)
    0 = Front Treble Speaker Monitoring inactive active
    9 = Sound System (Not sure about this one, to be honest I don't know if I have a Bose sound system, how can I tell?)
    1 = Telephone not installed
    2 = Digital-Radio installed (Not sure about this one either, I'm assuming its a digital radio?)
    1 = TV-Tuner/CD-Changer/Multi-Function Steering Wheel not installed

    So yea couple of things I'm not sure about, please help :D

    WITH Bluetooth
    (Telephone 77 in coding tab)

    0 = Audi
    0 = No Multi-Function OR Standard Steering Wheel
    3 = Head Unit (e.g. RNS-E), Diagnostics via CAN (I think this is right? unless its k-line?)
    2 = English (UK)
    2 = English (UK)

    (Adaptation tab)

    Channel 133
    1 = Bluetooth ON

    Channel 134
    0 = Hands-free active while Bluetooth connection is active but without cell phone engaged

    (Radio/Navigation 37/56 in Coding tab)


    5 = A6 (same as above)
    0 = Front Treble Speaker Monitoring inactive active (same as above)
    9 = Sound System (same as above)
    5 = Telematic Europa (Remote Feed Voltage for Microphone inactive) (not sure about this one, any comments?)
    2 = Digital-Radio installed (same as above)
    1 = TV-Tuner/CD-Changer/Multi-Function Steering Wheel not installed (same as above)

    From what I understand I also need to code Instrument Cluster (17) to show on DIS, but I don't understand how this works, I think its just adding number? can someone explain this section please.

    Any other tips would be much appreciated, like I said I haven't used VAG-COM before so I'm trying to teach myself how to use it best before I go and do anything daft, so any tips at all would be very useful, main questions are in bold.

    Thanks for your time. :)


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