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RNS-e bewilderment

gary3306 Nov 8, 2011

  1. gary3306

    gary3306 Active Member

    I had an 08 plate A3 in for a new timing belt yesterday, and was looking at his RNS-e unit. It has the CD/TV button as opposed to the media button and a 4gb card in one of the slots. It also has chrome dials. This is the unit in question;


    I have recently installed a Seat Exeo unit, with media button, black dials and i am using one 8gb card and a 16gb card in the slots, so clearly a mk2.

    My bewilderment comes from the fact that the screen on mine doesn't look any different from the screen on this A3 unit. I thought the LED screen was supposed to blow the mk1 unit out the water. I feel somewhat disappointed now. Could it be possible that the A3 unit has the LED screen as well?

    EDIT: The fact that the screen in that picture looks like its painted on canvas is just from the camera. It was clear in the flesh
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