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RNS-E Ariel Amplifiers

Richh999 May 12, 2012

  1. Richh999

    Richh999 Member

    So I retrofitted an RNS-E mk1 into my old 53plate 1.6 A3 3dr SE and the radio worked really well never having too many issues with radio reception. I've just brought an 05 plate 2.0tdi 3DR sport and have fitted the RNS-E into this and used the same loom and ariel adapter and now get really bad radio reception.

    The SE had a single din concert which upgraded to the double din and RNS-E.
    The sport has bose and have moved the bose pin on the loom from pin 5 to pin 7. I recevied the car with a symphony installed which had been retrofitted as it had the same style adapter loom and ariel adapter. I presumed they'd have similar ariel systems.

    I have taken the boot cover off and now seen that they have 2 very different ariels. Pictures below, which would be best to use or adapter for the RNS-E, I can't afford to do the full 200 conversion. Would it be easy to swap the 2 ariels amplifiers over?

    I've read the guide on fitting the rns ariel and I don't think either of mine are that system.

    These are bits off of my new car.





    It also had this loose connector not plugged into anything on the screen???

    This is my old cars system



    has this connector that the sport doesn't have??



    And this is where the loose connector is

    Sorry its alot but I've tried to add everything so that it makes it easier to understand.

    Should I try to swap the systems over? I'm not too sure what the 2 systems are and how the differ when looking at the diagrams here as neither are the one I want I don't think??? http://www.audi-sport.net/vb/new-a3...ting-symphony-ii-antenna-system-use-rnse.html


    p.s. NHN if you read this thanks for the steering cu, everythings is working great now, Thanks....
  2. audicruiser

    audicruiser Audi Heaven

    Bose swap on a 2005 is pin 3 to 7 not pin 5 to 7.... Pin 5 to 7 is on the later cars with quad lock fitted already.

    As for your reception issues, can't help on that but I have RNS-e installed in my car and reception is fine. It was built in 06 though so whether they changed the aerial system in that year I don't know...

    The loose wire is concerning though...
  3. NHN

    NHN Retrofitter - Audi - VW - Skoda - Seat Site Sponsor VCDS Map User

    You dont need to do any swapping of antenna systems on an 03 or 05 car as the changes started in late 06 onwards for different head units, so leave the rear bootlid amps as are, unless they're faulty, also I suspect you've had a new rear screen at some point as that connector is not used if the left small amp is all plugged in ok.

    The antenna systems are same on both cars, just audi changed design a little from 04 onwards iirc but they achieve the same goal.

    What antenna adapter are you using on the rns end of things, pics please.
  4. Richh999

    Richh999 Member

    Ah right. I thought it was the brown wire in pin 5 that needed moving.. hmm..

    Anyway, Thanks your your responses guys. I got it sorted today as I thought I'd just take all the parts out and see if I can follow where everything goes. While doing this I noticed on the side of the amp there was a empty 3 pin connector and then after looking around the loom found the plug that goes into it. Plugged it all up and hey, get great radio now.. :D :D

    It was an adapter off of ebay..

    Thanks for your responses, now just gotta sort bluetooth, hmm, oem or parrot??
  5. Rom

    Rom Member VCDS Map User

    Bit of a hijack.... But any idea what feed the amplifier needs ?

    Ive swapped to a aftermarket stereo, with a connects2 adaptor, and get terrible reception with the Fakra connected to the adaptor and the remote wire as it came.
    Wondering if the 300ma remote feed is not enough, but didnt want to put a full 12v feed into without checking.

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