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RNS-E and iPhone 5/iPod Touch 5th gen

Mark S Apr 7, 2013

  1. Mark S

    Mark S Member

    Apologies if this has been asked already but a search didn't yield any results for me.

    I'm looking to get a new iPod to plug into my AMI (MY11 car). The current connector in the glove box is for iPhones/iPods with the old 30 pin ports.

    I know there was a lot of discussion around whether or not a 30 pin to lightning adaptor would still give full functionality with RNS-E when the iPhone 5 came out, but I haven't seen anything concrete on it since.

    So, two questions I guess:

    1. Have Audi got an updated AMI lead with a lightning connector that I can plug straight into the glove box?
    2. Failing that, does anyone have any results from using the 30 pin to lightning adaptor on the end of an existing AMI lead?


  2. batch

    batch Well-Known Member Team Glacier Audi S3 quattro

    Hi Mark,
    I got my iPhone 5 64GB a couple of weeks back, as far as I am aware Audi haven't yet begun selling a compatible AMI lead so I bought a GENUINE Apple lightning adaptor. Pleased to report that the phone charges and all music/playlists/track info is displayed correctly. Seems to take slightly longer for the phone to connect but that is a Bluetooth issue!
    2012 car if that helps.
  3. Kelza

    Kelza MODERATOR Staff Member Moderator Audi RS3

    Why not buy the adapter that connects to your iphone 5 to use the older style apple charger ?
  4. Mark S

    Mark S Member

    Thanks batch, that's just the answer I was looking for. I'll go for the adaptor.

    That's what I meant in my second question, wanted to check that no functionality was lost with these before I bought one!

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