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RNS-D & Dension Gateway 300

chris.s Aug 20, 2007

  1. chris.s

    chris.s S4 Avant 4.2 V8 :)


    Has anyone got a RNS-D head unit working with a Dension Gateway 300?

    I purchased a Gateway 300 and the additional CDR1xxx adaptor to enable me to keep the CD Changer. I had this fitted but it doesn't work, the RNS-D just says 'NO CHANGER' and the ipod switches to the dension display but sits in pause and I can't operate it. The CD Changer is without power as well at this point. I tried without the CDR1 adaptor and same result.

    Now the supplier is saying it doesn't support the RNS-D. Their website says it does support 'Audi Satellite Navigation System PLUS CD (20-pin ISO)'as one of the options when ordering, is this not the RNS-D as they now suggest that refers to a RNS+, does anyone have any experience of this, and which one is the RNS+.

    Does seem odd for the unit not to be supported or maybe I have a faulty Gateway 300?

    Any help much appreciated.

  2. pafer

    pafer 2001 RS4

    I'm having exactly the same problem.
    I've just e-mailed Dension to verify that I have (or haven't!) been sent the right unit, and as soon as my suspicions are confirmed, I'm gonna get my money back!
    I even sent the unit back to the importer because I assumed it was faulty, but I got it back with a note saying that it was bench tested with no fault found!
    I am amazingly p'ed off with the whole thing!
    Think I might stick to burning CDs for a while!
  3. Ellard

    Ellard New Member

    Did anyone ever resolve this problem?
    I have had the gateway 300 running with an audi navi plus rnsd and cd changer for over a year no problem but it has recently done the same thing. - Ipod on pause and no cd changer found.

    There seems to be little in the way of support available from the dension web site.

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