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right come on smartypants!!

ALPINE Jun 4, 2008


    ALPINE Yes its diesel, now cry u lost

    ok... fitted n75J valve...

    got all excited for a little bit of boost and stabilaty....

    drove down road...

    1st gear less boost than a F valve....

    2nd gear no different... so on and so on..

    ok ill take it on the duel carrageway... 3rd gear and shes pulling like a bitch holding smoother boost (altho no different psi to a f) ok im happy with that.

    get to the round about to do the same again and what happens??

    no boost al the way home. AND to top it off i lost my indicators and head lights??????????:wtf:

    turned car off.. checked fuses they all ok. indicators are back as are head lights.

    just ran car down road again after having a fiddle with n75 wiring etc and its fine.
    why the less boost than a f valve, and why does all my boost keep disserpering???

  2. Broken Byzan

    Broken Byzan Photographic Moderator Staff Member Moderator VCDS Map User quattro Audi A4

    The valve is 100% working :icon_thumright:so it must be something else. try pulling the vacuum hose off the wastegate, or the n75 to wastegate and run that up the road. !!

    That will rule out any intervention from the N75 and put it on to the actuator spring,hopefully the car will boost like mad then go into fuel cut, that means its wiring to n75 or similar. if it doesnt its the wastgate or turbo, lemme know:salute:

    ALPINE Yes its diesel, now cry u lost

    Right looks like i have found the problem (for now)

    on closer inspection of the lead that plugs into the n75 i noticed the gap between 1 of the 2 of the metel connectores |- -| <<<in there like, was not making good contact with the pins on the n75. i used a small screw driver to squash them together and been driving my car for the last hour or so with no problem.

    hope this can help some 1 else if you have the same problem.

    thanks to byzan A4 also for the valve, nice to meet you today and you have a very nice motor matey!

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