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ride height

vw754 Jan 22, 2008

  1. vw754

    vw754 vorsprung Durch Technik

    The story go's like this, rear coil spring broke on my car,i replaced only that spring with one from another A4 ,and noticed car was sitting 1 inch higher that side.(oh dear,should of replaced both) anyway i left it like this for around 6 months (passenger side rear 1 inch higher than rest of car)
    After 6 months i decided to change all the springs in the car and replaced with 40mm koni springs. I also got 2 front shockers fitted from a 54 plate tdi s-line. (leaving the rears standard)
    Now after the replacement koni's the passenger side rear still sits half to 1 inch higher [​IMG] I noticed the car wasn't sitting rite and took it back to the garage,they took back springs out and re-fitted them. cars still the same drivers side rear is ok,passenger side still higher.......you guys tell me what it could be?

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