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Ride comfort on 19"

mjepson Mar 10, 2007

  1. mjepson

    mjepson Member

    I newly fitted my 19" BBS CK with 215/35 Dunlop Sport FM 901 tyres, and although the tyres do make some more noise than my 17" conti sport, i must say that there is not that big a difference in comfort.

    I find them to be very nice on my standard s-line suspension setup, and only notice a big difference in sharp bumps. Driving over normal speed bumps and normal roads is very pleasant.

    It must be said that i come from a mk4 polo which was dropped on cheap coilovers and 195/45R14 tyres, which wasn't very comfortable, but had grip :)

    What is your experience with the transition to 19" tyres?

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