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revs up and down

S3 chj Jan 3, 2008

  1. S3 chj

    S3 chj Member

    hi my old mk3 golf gti 16v keeps reving up and down its goling from 500rpm to 2000rpm any ideas what causes this and how to fix

    cheers chris
  2. a19hur

    a19hur New Member

    This may be a bit late now but i the same problem with vw polo mk4 16v people call it 'hunting' for revs and i managed to cure it, firstly i removed and cleaned out my throttle body which didnt actually cure it but when fixed it revved smoother, i then reset my ecu memory which i did by disconnecting my battery for a day (may have to hook urs up to diagnostics im not sure) Still not fixed!
    Then i changed my engine coolant temp sensor which was defective and giving wrong signals to my ecu, all sorted for £30 and a little bit of time and effort.
    I found this info on a polo forum and it was process of elimination for the three things i did. Hope your problem is all sorted now, cheers Andy

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